Vincent Magnin

Born in 1995 in La Roche in the canton of Fribourg, Switzerland, Vincent Magnin, now pursuing his Bachelor at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste with Lars Mlekusch, has been a deeply committed music-lover since early childhood.

At the age of ten, he chose to play the saxophone and began his studies with Maurice Desbiolles.

Vincent was convinced. He greatly enjoyed the saxophone and could feel its potential. When Philippe Savoy took over the saxophone class at the conservatory in Bulle, he enrolled Vincent in a number of competitions where his talents were crowned with success.

Vincent also has experience in playing with groups. He has played in duos and quartets and, for several successive years, participated in musical training camps with the AFJM (Young Musicians Association for the canton of Fribourg) as well as musical camps for classical music organised in Charmey by the National Youth Music Association.After a few years of initial training with the young musicians of the upper Sarine, in 2009, Vincent became a fully-fledged member of the Music Corps « L’Avenir le Mouret ».

Thanks to the availability and enthusiasm of Elise Monney, pianist, a Masters degree graduate oft he HEAB in Bern,Vincent was able to participate in the European Contest for Young Soloists in Luxemburg.
His performance in Luxembourg was awarded a gold medal coupled with an « excellent » at the excellence level.
Since that initial and successful collaboration, the duo has performed a number of recitals together.

Vincent followed during 4 years a professional curriculum at the Conservatory in Fribourg, in parallel with his academic maturity studies at the College St-Michel in Fribourg : a very full program completed by « Habanera » saxophone quartet summer training sessions in Poitiers, France.

Vincent enjoys and appreciates all types of music. His preference for classical music does not prevent him from enjoying more lively rhythms in clubs and working on a project with DJ Lucas Monème or to perform a very contemporary piece composed for him by Laurent Estoppey.

Since his entry to the Bachelor program, Vincent shares his passion by giving private lessons as well as doing replacements in several music schools.